Like Mother Like Daughter

Alexander Mirzoyan ©2016. All rights reserved.

In my high school, as well as college, I've been fortunate to get to know many Palestinians. Yafa Jarrar was a year above me, and although I was never close friends with her, I've kept updated on the story about what her family's been going through, and it touched me deeply. Her mum, Khalida Jarrar, has been a political prisoner in Israel, for her work as an activist, and the family's been fighting for her release for over a year. At last, she was officially being released yesterday, and I hope that she is well and that the family will be able to reunite soon.

You may be wondering, why I am sharing this. It's hard for people to experience empathy towards others' suffering, until we are able to put a face on the issue. I've vaguely known of the conflict and the situation in Gaza, but I could never really comprehend it, until I understood what the real people were going through under the Israel's apartheid of the Palestinian people.

Although the release of Yafa's mother was incredibly happy news, the oppression of Palestinian people continues, and there are many more remain imprisoned. I wanted to share this excerpt from a post Yafa's mother wrote recently from the prison:

"Greetings to all brave prisoners. It is very important to work for the liberation of the prisoners, confronting the mass arrests, the goal of which is to break the backbone of the Palestinian people, especially targeting women, children, and the growing number of administrative detainees. The goal is to prevent and suppress any voices of resistance to the occupation and erase its existence, but it will only escalate the struggle. The prisoners are determined to continue their struggle, alongside their families, with the support of the Palestinian people, for the freedom of the prisoners, the freedom of our people, and the defeat of the occupation."

May the peace be with you...