I admit this post isn't entirely on creativity, unless we talk about the fuel for ideas or motivation. No pun intended. Okay, kinda did. You'll see why in a second...

I got this visual popped in my head when listening to an episode of The Hidden Brain, and just wanted to get it out of me. In that respect, I would say, getting angry can be an effective motivator for creative work. To me, it's kind of like "unnecessary creating", as long as we can act on that impulse, in this case anger, and just get to work.

Now onto my reflection on the subject:

Sick and tired of hearing folks saying things like "Climate change isn't real, OR it is, but we can't trust the science, and it's unlikely happening due to the human activity", OR "The Earth will take care of us, before we take care of it."

Remembering the good old George Carlin's sentiment, the Earth does not give two shits about us. It is completely unbiased towards anything that happens to occupy it, living or not. If anything, it's the nature's way to restore that balance, by literally cooking us out of its food chain. Anything that is that invasive and selfish should not survive.

I understand the truth is very uncomfortable, as the research into the human psychology covered in the show suggests. After all, admitting that we might perish due to our own stupidity is hard, and requires getting out of our own little egos, but thinking that the burning unimaginably massive quantities of fossils with HUNDREDS of MILLION OF YEARS worth of trapped carbon dioxide (you know, that gas that is released when stuff burns) in a matter of some 100 years is going to produce zero consequences is an absolute denial.

Besides, I don't know how some people can't see the relationship between the crazy whether , like droughts and hurricanes, we are now having and the global warming. When all that glacier ice melts (also been there for millions of years, by the way) in just a few decades, it becomes water. Extra high world temperatures plus extra water equals extra vapor–you know that stuff water becomes when it's heated up. With all that extra moisture in our atmosphere, it's no surprise we get floods in areas that previously had no historic record of them.

We can keep lying to ourselves, using the convenient yet outdated technology that will eventually kill us, or move on to already existing sustainable energy sources. If only we could get the lawmakers out of the pocket of energy industry...

Listen to the episode: