Tight Watercolor, WIP

Still working on the same project... This sneak peak of my watercolor is definitely more rendered than I anticipated, as much as I've been fighting the clean, "graphic-designy" look in my work, I must admit, the process was more enjoyable, once I passed the initial stage of deciding on the idea, and the anxiety of committing to it. Working for a client may ease that pain a bit, once the sketch is approved, no deviations, just stick to it, and get it done.

I guess this is where things tend to get tricky with personal work, for me, since many of artists are their own worst critics, it's hard for us to commit. We strive for perfection, that doesn't exist. I think I finally started seeing a shift in my own conscious when I just want to put in work, instead of wasting time analyzing everything in the attempt of making a perfect choice. As Tim Rollins once told me, the worst thing to happen is when we allow our thoughts to scare us into inaction. What he called the "paralysis of analysis". We see more reasons why not to act, rather than just get to work, and that is the ultimate failure–being afraid to fail.