Full disclosure: I look slightly older now. :)

Full disclosure: I look slightly older now. :)

Hi, and thanks for stopping by!

You’ve probably heard a saying: “A picture’s worth a thousand words.” That is pretty much all I got to say about me.

Okay, all jokes aside. I’ve always been drawn to visual art, and believe that images have the power to convey ideas in a much more effective and powerful way. Better yet, combined with a killer copy! 😉

If you are wondering about where I’m from, first a fun fact! My actual name is Alexander, so if you didn’t figure it out by now, I am from Russia. The Far Eastern side of it, to be precise (Not Siberia… Remember? Russia is HUGE!). When I was 17, I traded it for a slightly warmer Vancouver island when I had the fortune to attend an international boarding school in Canada. That was the beginning of my journey abroad. After miraculously surviving the brutal IB program (those who've had it will understand), I decided to continue furthering my education in the States at Westminster College, the one in Fulton, Missouri. Not to be confused with any other Westminsters out there. If you’re over the age of 70, I’m sure you’ll know it’s the one where Churchill gave his famous Iron Curtain Speech. 😉 

As a traditionally trained artist, I always had a passion for using images to help engage people on a deeper level. Not feeling aligned to the traditional path of gallery work, I expanded my skills into other creative disciplines. I believe design should always follow function. As a graphic designer, I strive for not only aesthetically appealing designs, but for developing effective and compelling visual solutions, informed by my business, marketing and advertising background. In my illustration work, I’ve always been drawn to people, so conceptually I tend to lean towards figure and portraits. I thrive on opportunities to strategize creative solutions in collaborative environment.

While I am very passionate about communicating ideas through creative and visually engaging images, I see my real purpose lying in helping others reach their full potential. I strive to be a resource by providing people with guidance and encouragement, constructive critique of weaknesses while emphasizing strengths. Apart from creative work, I work with students through mentorship and provide life- and creative coaching to them.